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OsteoCare prosthetics offer precision engineering and provides clinicians with a wide range of restorative options (single, multiple and overdenture) and all techniques (single or two-stage).

Healing Collar

Perfectly designed for contouring the soft tissue.

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Impression Transfer

Open or closed tray technique.

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Implant Replica

Accurate transfer of the internal hexagon of the implant positioned in the mouth.

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Screw Retained Abutment

Used to connect single or multi-unit restorations to the implant, such as fixed crowns or bridges.

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One-Piece & Screw Retained Ball Attachment

Retain overdentures to implants placed at angles from 0° to 45 .

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Peek Temporary Abutment

Provisional abutment to support a provisional single or multiple unit restoration.

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Direct Cast Abutment

Used for single, partial or full mouth restorations.

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Polycarbonate ‘O’ Ring Housing

Retentive solution to loose dentures and hygienic.

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Equator Overdenture System

Engineered to be the smallest attachment system on the market.

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