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Granular bone substitutes are the most used, traditional format. Bioteck granular grafts are available in different formats.

The standard granule size
0.5 – 1 mm is applied in most cases. Greater granule size is indicated specifically for sinus lift.

Available Options

Bio-Gen Cancellous 0.5 Gm1, 6
Bio-Gen Cancellous 2Gm1
Biocollagen Membrane1, 6
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Granular grafts are available as cancellous granules, cortical granules or a mixture of both.
Spongy granules remodels in 4-6 months, cortical granules in 8-12 months.
Cancellous granules should be grafted in small, 4-walls cavities.
If the volume is greater and bone walls are missing, cortical granules are preferred.

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The Bioteck line is used in regenerative surgery since 1995. It includes a wide range of bone grafts for each surgical need. Granules are available in several sizes optimized to the different surgery applications. Other particular formats, like lyophilized bone pastes or ready to use syringes, simplify greatly the positioning procedures into the grafting site. The line is completed by membranes for guided bone regeneration (GBR), also available in several different sizes.


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